Michael and family

Michael and family


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clemency for Michael Edwards

I've gotten to know Michael Edwards over the years through his mother, his sister and his son Kingsley. While prison in many ways may have saved Michael's life, enough is enough! His sentence, by almost anyone's measure, is way over the top. Michael has served 17 years and he is a changed man. He is caught in a legal sentencing web from which the only way out is clemency. Keeping him in prison is an option that does not serve Michael, his family, and certainly not society. We all read everyday stories of people who commit far worse crimes than Michael being given far less severe sentences. Michael's family need him in their lives and we, as citizens, need to insist that lives are not wasted in our prison system as they are now with Michael. This is real, this is the life of a real person that we all can help!

Jeff Good


Anonymous said...

I'm going to do whatever I can for Michael, we need everyone to help this. There's strength in numbers!

LouAnn Good

Christine Shelton said...

I agree that enough is enough! Sixteen years is more than enough time for a crime of this nature. I have spoken to Michael many times over the past few years since we have gotten back in touch and I feel very confident that he has learned his lesson. He has a taken the time to learn a trade so that when he is released he will be an asset to society. Michael misses his family desperately and deserves to be given another chance. 16 years is toooo long!! Please help him.

Christine Shelton

Anonymous said...

this young man needs to go home to his love ones, the people who are responsible for his paperwork need to wake up. even pedofile get a slap on the wrist in which they should be serving 60 to life. how can the systems
keep failing Society. killers serve 7, 9, 12 years

and walk away , and the person that has some addictions have to serve actually half of his life . I really don't understand. is outrageous, inhumane, Michael this is for you you're loved by the public. have a lot of folks standing by you and God bless you.